Plant of the Moment – Helleborus

By November 6, 2017Special Offers

Each month we will feature our ‘Plant of the Moment’ offer to help you create a garden that is full of colour and interest throughout the year. 

This month’s ‘Plant of the Moment’ is…


Hellebores (sometimes known as the Christmas or Lenten rose) are perennial garden plants with elegant flowers, perfect for brightening up shady areas during late winter and early spring. Some species are grown for their striking evergreen architectural foliage.

Hellebores prefer to grow in rich, well-drained soil in dappled shade. Avoid planting in very dry or waterlogged soil. Provide shelter from strong, cold winds.
Water during dry spells and mulch annually with leaf mould, chipped bark or other organic matter in autumn.

Price range: £12.99 – £18.99
Size range: 15 litre – 23 litre

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