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Garden Care

You’ve done the easy part and picked out your flowers, plants, shrubs, pots and garden furniture. Now it’s time for the tricky part: maintaining them! Fortunately, we have a whole host of fertilisers, testers and additives to make your life easier.

The new Codsall and Wergs Garden Centre are huge stockists of compost, as we understand the importance of keeping your garden looking its best all year round.

Composting is essential in giving your plants, seeds and bulbs a helping hand by improving soil composition and fertilising your garden. Choosing which compost is an important decision, dependent on your flora variety and outdoor environment, as are lawn dressings and fertilisers. To make sure you choose correctly, our helpful staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

Be sure to protect your growing garden from those pesky creepy crawlies trying to eat what they really shouldn’t! Pesticides, insecticides and animal repellents can help prevent harm coming to your garden but once again, make sure that you choose the correct solution for your problem.

Weed killers are essential garden sundries, especially with our wonderful British weather that is often favourable for weed growth. Weeds can be killed at any time throughout the year although Spring and Summer time are recommended. That said there are options at Codsall and Wergs Garden Centre to accommodate an all-weather garden maintenance programme.

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