Yes…it’s true…all the rumours are true…Buddy The Codsall & Wergs Cat is real!

Buddy is officially our new employee here and has been put at Head of Security! He’s been spotted on the premises, roaming around since last year but a couple of months ago, he befriended us and has quite happily moved in and settled extremely quickly, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about having him here!

Buddy is often found snuggled up on the information desk, usually rather sleepy as he spends all night running round being security and catching little unwanted friends.

He really is an absolutely gorgeous little boy who is so gentle and friendly and will do anything for a fuss, so feel free to pop down and visit our little Buddy, he seems to already be getting quite the fan base!

Want to see what Buddy gets up to?!….Follow his Instagram and Facebook page where you can follow all his adventures;

  • Facebook – Buddy The Codsall & Wergs Cat
  • Instagram – buddythewergscat