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House Plants

Choose from a vibrant selection of seasonal houseplants that will brighten up any home.

Houseplants help to lighten the mood and bring positivity into our hectic daily lives. Choose from colourful flowering and foliage houseplants to brighten up your home from tiny potted plants, large range of cacti or bonsai to large palms and ferns.

Once you’ve chosen your indoor houseplants, select a pot to compliment your home décor. We stock a huge selection of pots from popular terracotta planters to glazed shapes of all sizes and colours. Looking for something really special? Choose from one of the eye-catching National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society approved ceramic pots, available in a selection of colours.

If you’re not so sure about your green fingers, how about a vivacious spray of artificial flowers – from a distance only the trained eye will tell the difference!

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