Nordman Fir (known as the non-drop tree)

  • The country’s favourite Christmas Tree
  • Glossy green soft needles
  • Fantastic Needle Retention
  • Our top choice for your Christmas tree.

      Norway Spruce

  • The Original Christmas Tree
  • This gives a great scent
  • Not great at needle retention unless outdoors or in a cold room.
  • Helps you practise your hoovering

     Fraser Fir

  • Highly scented (almost citrus smelling)
  • Silvery Blue Foliage.
  • Compact Tree
  • Good needle Retention.

      Potted & Pot Grown Christmas Trees.

       Blue Spruce (only potted available)

  • The Best scented tree you can buy.
  • Bright blue needles the colder it is the bluer they get.
  • Sharp needles.

       Noble Fir (pot grown available)

  • Deep Green foliage
  • Good, soft needle retention

      Serbian Spruce, Omorika (potted available)

  • A narrow thin tree.
  • A lovely blue/green needle with a silvery underside.

Potted/pot grown Christmas trees are one of the most efficient trees for absorbing carbon dioxide.             Plant one in the garden after Christmas and be carbon positive.